Friday, November 16, 2007

RejectConf 4 Calls to Action: Ruby specs and JRuby failures

For those of you that don't know, RejectConf started last year at RubyConf 2006 in Denver because Ryan Davis (zenspider; author of the many parsetree-based tools like flog and heckle, part of the vlad team, and so on) had a rejected presentation and still wanted to show it off. It turned out to be one of the most entertaining parts of the conference, with dozens of folks taking 5-15 minutes to demo something they thought would be cool. Some were met with applause, some were booed down Apollo-style, and everyone had a good time.

RejectConf 4 was at RubyConf 2007 earlier this month. I took the opportunity to toss out two calls to action:
  1. Help contribute to Rubinius by adding specs, and if you're especially lazy just copy any of the many tests in JRuby (that are not specs, but which we'd just as soon see migrate to a single suite).
  2. Report failures in JRuby running the specs, and possibly fix them if you feel like helping out even more.
Confreaks have all the RejectConf 4 videos up now, and my call to action is there with the others. Check it and the others out, and consider helping out either the spec project or JRuby.

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