Thursday, November 9, 2006

Poll on Favorite Java Scripting Lang

There's an interesting little poll here on favorite Java-based scripting lang:

What is your favorite Java based scripting language?

It doesn't look like the poll has been hit too hard, but JRuby seems to score much better than I would have expected, given our relatively recent entry into the public eye. Groovy has garnered about twice as many votes, but of course it's been very public and available for several years.

Also interesting are the poor scores for Jython and Rhino. Jython is a great implementation, but it's pretty far behind at this point. I wish there were more resources to pour into it...perhaps soon. Rhino is also interesting...only four votes so far, even though it's really fast and being included in Java 6.

BTW, please don't go stuffing the ballots for JRuby or anything. I just figured I'd get this poll some exposure to see how things play out. It already looks really good for JRuby, and if you want to vote for Groovy or any of the others, be my guest.

1 comment:

  1. More results now, but the rankings stay the same.

    I am curious about the poor show for Jython. Maybe it didn't bridge communities in the way that JRuby seems to be doing - it just added options for Python users.

    Ruby is a real nice fit for Java developers open to it.