Monday, November 13, 2006

Java Open-Sourced Under GPL; Sun Shines Brighter

Yes, it's official. News is already starting to pop up around the net about Java's open-sourcing and especially about the choice of license: GPLv2. I must admit my jaw dropped when I first heard about this a couple weeks ago, and it was a hard secret to sit on. Not only is it open's open source using the most vigorously open license out there.

I think the GPL is a great choice for Java. Not only will it be fully compatible with the vast range of GPLed software, but any folks hoping to release their own versions will be compelled to make their changes available as source. Say what you like about the GPL and its "virulence" or its "tainting", but for an open development platform about to explode in the open-source world, it's hard to say what license would be a better choice.

I'm proud to be at Sun surrounded by thought-leaders smart enough to see this is the right thing to do. Sun is BACK, baby!

Tune in for Jonathan Schwartz's and Rich Green's webcast at 9:30PT to get all the details about what's being opened up when.

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