Monday, May 7, 2007

"the solution is JRuby"

Big news today from ThoughtWorks Studios! Their collaborative development project management solution Mingle (think SourceForge, but pretty and usable) will be the first commercially-distributed Rails application to run on JRuby. Jon Tirsen summarizes the justification for this move in a Studios blog post.

The reasons are obvious ones to those of us who've poured our hearts and souls into making JRuby succeed, but they're excellent points to call out for the Ruby community at large. Mingle 1.0 will be released running with a Jetty web front-end and a Derby database back-end. Mingle 1.1 will be released as a WAR file (Rails-in-a-WAR courtesy of GoldSpike) targeting any app server and any database.

This is a big day for JRuby. ThoughtWorks is one of the most respected names in the Ruby world, and we're proud that they've chosen JRuby as their enterprise deployment solution. We're happy to have ThoughtWorkers like Ola Bini on the team, and look forward to collaborating with ThoughtWorks to continue improving JRuby into the future.


  1. Great news indeed Charles - Thanks for letting me know this morning.

  2. This is great news. You guys should be proud of all you've accomplished. This is just the start of enterprise use of Rails.

  3. Hi Charles,


    It will be interesting to know if Thoughtworks is gonna deploy it on sun's servers. Understood that JRuby has only been in sun's stewardship only recently. But it will be nice to know how many of JRuby users are gonna choose SUN's hardware. Is there an ISP who is gonna specialize on JRails(if I may call JRuby on Rails so :-) )?

    Interesting questions. Only time will answer.


  4. Hi,

    Interesting news.Came to know 1 week ago.I think it is time for us guys to have a look at JRuby.

    Good luck JRuby.