Thursday, August 31, 2006

My London Schedule

So here's the times and places. I want to get together JRubyists to just chat a bit at some point, and it seems like Thursday or Friday would work best. The only concrete suggestion so far is the Fitzroy Tavern on the 15th, around 6:30PM-7:00PM (thanks Damian). This works for me, and it's after the conference. Here's a goofy Google Map to Fitzroy from the conference center.

I'm also planning to attend the "Pizza on Rails" event on the 13th, so folks can find me there.

I'll keep this entry updated as things come in, so it can be used for reference.

13 September, 6:00AM: Arrival in London (Heathrow)

Other than getting checked into the hotel, I have that whole day free. I don't plan to cram for my presentation or anything, since it's not until Friday (and I don't really work that way). To avoid the lag I'll probably sleep as much as I can on the plane. Getting out and about once I get there ought to get the circadians whipped into shape.

13 September, 6:00PM: Pizza on Rails

Pizza on Rails is around 6PM, with pizza at 7PM.

14 September, 9:00AM: RailsConf Day One

The "Welcome" is at 9, and it goes straight through until 8:30PM with a lunch break from 12:30PM to 2:00PM and a dinner break from 5:50PM to 7:30PM. I'll probably try to grab meals with folks from the conf.

15 September, 9:30AM: RailsConf Day Two

Lunch break is the same as Day One, and the conf is scheduled to go through until 6PM, with "Closing Remarks" coming after that. Probably be out by 6:30, and the Fitzroy is pretty close. Maybe someone not going to the conf can get there early to scope it out.

15 September, 3:00PM: JRuby on Rails

I'm in the last set of speakers, before the final plenary session with James Duncan Davidson and Dave Thomas. I'm up against cleaning up rails, adding unicode to rails, and project management for rails. I wish I could attend the unicode session, but I'll try to grab Dominic offline.

15 September, 6:30PM: JRuby Meetup

So far I think we'll just be at Fitzroy Tavern, as mentioned at the top of this post. All are welcome...I don't fly out until 1:25PM the next day, so I can stick around for a while.

16 September 10:00AM: Departure

Given the recent TERROR scare, I'm going to be extra careful and head to the airport nice and early. I'm not particularly worried about TERROR, but I am over-cautious about giving security enough time to scour my person for soda pop and lip balm.

Thus ends my first trip to London. It's too bad it will be so short, but I have business to attend to stateside immediately after the conference. Hopefully I'll stop back in when I'm in the EU for JavaPolis.

I hope to see plenty of JRubyists in London!


  1. Looks like a great lineup. I'm sorry I won't be there to catch it. Do blog about them, won't you?

  2. IIRC, the Fitz is a Sam Smiths pub. Their "Museum Ale" is pretty good if they have it on tap.

  3. I took my wife to Heathrow for a flight to the states last week, and the queue to get in to the security gates was way longer than I've ever seen before, so you are wise to allow plenty of time.