Friday, September 11, 2009

Announcing JRubyConf 2009

Good news everybody! We're finally going to have JRubyConf!

After over 3 years of heavy development, dozens of deployments and hundreds of users, it's time for a conference for JRuby users. We've talked about it on the JRuby mailing lists, polled users, and seen other JRubyists do the same. And the chorus slowly grew: you all wanted JRubyConf more and more.

Now, thanks to Engine Yard, who's producing the conference, and to sponsors EdgeCase and ThoughtWorks, we'll host the first ever JRubyConf the day after RubyConf, on Sunday November 22nd. This should allow folks attending RubyConf to also attend JRubyConf and not have to schedule a separate trip.

So here's the details:
What: JRubyConf 2009 (the first ever!)
When: Sunday, November 22nd; the day after RubyConf 2009
Where: Same hotel as RubyConf, the Embassy Suites at San Francisco Airport. You don't even have to switch locations!
Why: Because we love you!
Price: FREE!!!
We've been putting together a wide range of talks and speakers, from the JRuby core team members to real-world users; from the latest on deploying Rails to gaming and desktop development. It's going to be a fast-paced event with something for everyone, and best of all, it's FREE!

Space is limited for the event, and you will have to register separately from RubyConf to secure your seat (but you don't have to go to RubyConf to attend JRubyConf!). Check out for information, registration, and so on, and be quick about it!

See you at JRubyConf 2009!

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