Thursday, March 6, 2008

PyCon, Euruko, and Scotland on Rails

Upcoming event round-up!
  1. Next weekend, Tom Enebo, Nick Sieger and I will be at PyCon, checking out all the pythony goodness and hooking up with the Jython guys for some hacking.
  2. Tom and I will travel to Prague for Euruko 2008, the European RubyConf. We'll present JRuby, unsurprisingly, and hopefully meet up with more European Rubyists we haven't talked to before.
  3. After Euruko, Tom and I will be in Edinburgh for Scotland on Rails. We're supposed to do a 90-minute talk about JRuby on Rails. We'll try to make it entertaining and informative.


  1. Does this mean you guys are sticking around for the sprints, or just the conference?

    And I hope you guys at least do a lightning talk on JRuby!

  2. We'll be around for at least one day of sprinting...need to get back to Minneapolis to finish off JRuby 1.1.

    And a lightning talk? Hmm, yeah I suppose we could :) We could run some benchmarks against Python!