Saturday, December 8, 2007

Upcoming Events: Dec 2007, Jan/Feb 2008

JavaPolis 2007 - Antwerp, Belgium - December 10-14 - Sounds like a great event this year, with claims of over 3200 registrations so far. I'll be sharing the JRuby/NetBeans tutorial with Brian Leonard on the 10th and the JRuby/Rails talk with Ola Bini on the 12th. Outside of that, I'll probably be hacking in the main area. Come say hi.

Microsoft Lang.NET Symposium - Redmond, Washington - January 28-30 - I'll be there to get ideas about building a language platform, sharing war stories with fellow language implementers, and probably contributing a bit to John Rose's talk on the Multi-Language VM project. Oughta be a fun time...though it feels a bit weird making my first trip to Microsoft.

acts_as_conference - Orlando, Florida - February 8-9 - Robert Dempsey of Rails For All invited me to come talk about JRuby and Rails...though I'll be doing things a bit differently this time (not showing how to build a Rails app, but showing purely how JRuby improves the Rails ecosystem). Who could pass up a trip to Florida from Minnesota at this time of year?

FOSDEM 2008 - Brussels, Belgium - February 23-24 - FOSDEM invited me to present on the OSS languages track. I've got some great ideas for how to tackle this one. Given that it's an OSS conference, I think it's finally time to show how JRuby has evolved in the past three years from a slow, partial interpreter and runtime to the fastest Ruby 1.8-compatible implementation around. It's been a hell of a ride, and it's gotta qualify as an OSS success story.

Outside these four events, I've had invitations for plenty others (I could probably just do conferences...but how would I ever get anything done?) so I'm sure there will be more to come. You can also count on JavaOne in San Francisco this spring, Ruby Kaigi in Tokyo this summer, RubyConf Europe in Prague some time between April and July, and maybe RailsConf 2008 in Portland (though there's a good chance I won't be presenting).


  1. Lang.NET? Nice, I'm making the trip out there myself (just to watch, not to participate :) ).

  2. Be sure to swing by Seattle.rb if you're in town on a Tuesday evening.