Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Easy Is It To Contribute To JRuby?

Answer: Very Easy!

Get the Code
svn co
cd jruby

Run Your Built JRuby
export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/bin
jruby my_script.rb

Install Gems
gem install somegem
jruby -S gem install somegem

Run the Benchmarks
jruby -J-server -O test/bench/bench_method_dispatch.rb
(-J-server uses the "server" JVM and -O disables ObjectSpace)

Build and Test Your Changes
ant clean test

Look For Bugs To Fix or Report Your Own

JRuby JIRA (bug tracker)

Join the Mailing Lists

JRuby Mailing Lists

Join Us on IRC

Channel #jruby on FreeNode IRC

We're waiting to hear from you!

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