Sunday, December 10, 2006

Two JRuby Talks at JP: What's the Difference

There will be two JRuby talks at JavaPolis.

The first is part of the "University" sessions tomorrow. We're the middle hour of a three-hour bit on scripting languages for the JVM. During that session we're going to be focusing on practicalities like building a simple app, using IRB, and getting a basic Rails app scaffolded and working. We'll talk a bit about JRuby futures, but we won't demo any of the newer, crazier things like NetBeans or GlassFish.

The second talk is on Wednesday, and will cover some of the same material as the first but hopefully have different demos. We'll show the Agile Web Development with Rails v2's "Depot" application running in JRuby under WEBrick (hopefully GlassFish if some issues are worked out, but likely not), we'll demo some NetBeans Ruby support (try to fit in as much as Tor can finish by Tuesday afternoon), and if there's time to implement some of it, we'll do Rails + JavaEE stuff as well (maybe, maybe not, given that we only have two days left).

Both talks should be useful, but there's no way we can avoid some duplication, especially since many folks will only attend one of the talks.

I hope to see plenty of people at both, however :)

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